Today, I was kinda nervous. I didn’t want to make something worse than the last. I want progress. And perfection! While it might look like such a nice thing to devote a day to writing and making pretty useless objects, strangely enough, this feels like one of the most abstractly challenging things I’ve put myself up to.  It brings me a new appreciation for creative practice. To weekly address the state of my creativity and ideas.

This kind of preciousness that I am feeling is the exact thing that I am trying to muck around with.  To be weekly connecting with the playful subconscious through creative practice. It's tough. I am not a creature of ritual. And here I am, trying to develop ritual and structure in the practice and communication of play. 

What has been an absolute delight though, is conversation with others on what I am doing. Important insight: For every 100 writings, 10 might be great. It’s the process of ritual that keeps ideas fluid. Weekly practice produces. So I'm redefining this blog feed (to myself) as a scrap book, not a refined publication.

The idea of ritual brings to mind some ideas of play frameworks. I am under the belief that ALL play has structure. You wouldn't think so, but it is true. Knowing this has influenced me to encourage structure in my life. All the frameworks to allow me to play more and be a great player.

To think about what I was talking about last week, Play as a state of being, these structures take many different forms. It is essential to acknowledge structure to play within or with it. And this is really important if we want design our own outcomes in life.

This stuff kinda blows my mind. The construction of playgrounds, especially in a utilitarian design, have always taken my eye. It is such a classic example of play and structure.

Exhibit A - Aldo Van Eyck - Amsterdam Orphanage - Read about it here

Aldo Playground.jpg


Exhibit B – Some photos I took on my travels..

Lauren Steller Japan 2015 play.jpg

This also transcends to play philosophy of life. Structure is paramount for play. Whether followed or rebelled against, It is present in any case.

So this week I played with clay. DAS to be precise. The limitless potential for form making of clay intimidates the perfectionist in me. I started with balls. Just clay balls. Then, as I tracked a few ideas floating around in my head, these forms took shape of wacky miniature playgrounds. Something I have been thinking of for a while.

2 00.jpg