Champ Co is all about play...

At the heart of everything we do, we are explorers of play. We aim to find it in our own work and most importantly to share and enable it in others.

We are for infinite play!!

Who we are. What we do.

Champ is directed by Lauren Steller

Founder, director and head designer at Champ Co, was trained with MA in Architecture at RMIT Melbourne. After working at several Architecture firms in Melbourne, Lauren started Champ Co as a business that would develop her interest in play theory and exercise design in many other mediums other than architecture. Lauren runs both bespoke architectural projects along side a design product sales business to always incorporate her avid interest in human play.

Lauren's previous education at Steiner School shows influence in her work also. Compelled by objects that influence creativity, and have a meditative playfulness show an alternative and positive approach to design. With elements of interaction and education, Champ products aim to create life long engaging and sustainable products.


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Champ Co - Product and Bespoke

Champ Co does lots of different stuff. We love ideas and we love exploring this through many different mediums.

There is a healthy feed between Champ Co's Products and Bespoke Design. With every bespoke product, from concept to invention, problem solving and client influence, the projects have so many varied results. Sometimes different to the initial intention. These pushes and pulls, abrasions and stretches, crushes and compliments of ideas, really give the design a run for its money! And its here, sometimes, we find something that should be shared and replicated for more than just one project. Hello product!

The product also allows us other things too. We see this often as a testing tool. Testing theory of play, Testing a wide and varied audience to collect feedback from our (ever building) interactive objects. Exploring both bespoke and product work, allows us to explore many aspects of what we are passionate about. Play!


A little more on infinite play...

Champ Co aims to explore the concept of "infinite play" in everyday functions.  Infinite play as apposed to "finite play" that consists of rules, guidelines, stops and starts. Through experience and play, Champ believes that we map our memories into objects and places, creating greater value to the things we participate in. Play is a generator of care and significance, of connecting relationships and creates innovation through competition. 

Infinite play is a great educator for being resourceful and encouraging to think beyond our usual limits. Champ is engaged in way that people participate, exchange, experience and play with objects and games.  

But what is perhaps most essential about play is that it connects us to the joy of life, thus having positive reinforcement to take care of ourselves and the planet.